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The Nevada Department of Forestry declared no campfires, anywhere, until further notice. We haul our old propane bbq with us in our toy hauler so we can still cook outside when we go camping. We miss evening fires but we’re ok with that. Who wants to be the jerk that burns down the state anyways?

We went from unseasonal rains to extremely dry and abnormally hot weather. Everyone I’ve talked to said they can’t remember ever having a statewide restriction like this. I know it has been common in other states to have such broad restrictions so I guess Nevada just has to follow suit now.

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A very strange thing has happened this week. We’ve had rain everyday. Hopefully it will continue through the week.

This really isn’t normal for this time of year. Come to think of it, I don’t think it is a normal weather pattern ever considering the length of time. Please don’t think I’m complaining. Definitely not!

The good? Recently the Division of Forestry came through and cleared 50 feet of brush and trees on either side of the road in our section of the neighborhood. The moisture brings out the fresh smell of the cut pine and they seemed to have spread lupine seeds far and wide. With this rain, they are blooming up and down the roads. I’m starting to feel like I’m in the hill country of Texas when the Bluebonnets are in bloom!

Lupine AKA Bluebonnets

Lupine AKA Bluebonnets

I appreciate the dust staying down since it is constantly damp. The rainbows in the evenings are beautiful over the mountains. The double rainbows are even more fabulous. The birds are in my garden singing their happiness and the garden itself is thriving. My house stays cool enough that I don’t want to crawl out of my cozy bed in the morning.




The downside? There really isn’t too much to consider. When I see the lightening striking in the distance, I hope the rain continues as protection against fires. Unfortunately, the weeds are thriving too. The cheat grass is going to seed faster than I can kill and bag it. So as soon as I think I’ve removed all of it around my house, it grows back. This in itself is becoming a full time job! If you aren’t aware of the dangers of cheatgrass, please read this.


Northern Nevada is wet and the good definitely outweighs the bad. I just hope it continues through the week like the forecasters predict!

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With more and more people losing their homes, do you wonder where they will go? An apartment maybe, or I’ve heard of people walking away from their mortgages because they can rent a nicer home for half the price they were paying to own….

So my next question is who is making money right now? The rental owners or the banks with mortgages? The banks are working hard to correct their balance sheets but the investors in rental property are where the money is, and will be for a while.

I’m wondering where this is all heading. I would like to sell my home to upgrade in acreage but I’m caught in the same trap as the majority of people these days. But the smart people are always the ones to take advantage of a crisis. I want to be one of those people and I want to know all of my options.

Buying houses now, that sometimes cost less than when they did brand spanking new 4 years ago, is where the economy seems to be going. Those who were financially strong through the boom, and continued to keep financial stability during the bust, are the ones who are snapping up properties now. Especially if you realize that people have to live somewhere, the affordable investment is more secure than the 401k or IRA of last year.

The rental investor can offer such competitive rates and of course there is demand. Any industry that people create wealth in has to have a demand and investors able to take advantage of the situation. Of course, the demand stems from home owners not able to keep their investment but still needing a home and DESIRING a nice home to live in.

The investors with the courage to snap up short sales and foreclosures for 50% (or less) of their value will continue to make a profit for years to come. With the affordable prices, they are gaining a real estate asset immediately. With demand, the business model is a sure bet. With desirability, they are proud of where their money is parked.

Affordable. Demand. Desirable. Today wealth isn’t created like the automobile industry at the turn of the century or even the computer industry in the 1990’s, it is real estate. Where will your investment be tomorrow?

Me? I’m thinking it is time to quit my relationship with Wall Street and channel my funds into making my home a rental property. I have been a landlord before and it is a huge responsibility. At least it is if you don’t want to be a slum-lord. But, my husband and I are looking at our options. If we can’t sell our home for what we owe maybe we should rent it. We have been approached by rental opportunities but we were wary. I think it is definitely time to come up with a game plan and pursue this path.

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My local source is Dry Creek Gardens in Reno, NV
My local source is Dry Creek Gardens in Reno, NV
Slope plantings according to height, placing the tallest against your fence and the lowest closest to your outdoor area. Choose plants by density of leaves to create a thicker barrier. I would recommend a mixture of evergreens with deciduous trees or shrubs mixed in to give seasonal change while keeping a year round barrier. Then choose lower growing plants to fill in the bottom and act as a border.
Give thought to colors of leaves and flowers when making selections. Don’t hesitate to consult with the experts at your local nursery, they are always happy to help. When you actually decide to place the plants, do not forget to give them room to grow!


This will not cure all sound problems, but it will help muffle and absorb most of it. A garden will add beauty to your landscape and peace to your space.
I intentionally do not give plant recommendations because every area is completely different. This is to give you an idea of using textures and colors together to create a pleasing garden that will help suppress sound.





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Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we went with Giana Edberg of Outdoor and Resort Properties, LLC to see a property on the market. Not only are there great deals to be found right now, but this great deal was located on 40 wonderful acres. But when you have 40 acres, it can be quite the hike to figure out the property boundries. Not that it was a hardship, but in hindsight, it is funny that it felt like a treasure hunt.
We found the boundry markers. The REAL treasure was the allusive cactus we have heard grows in the Virginia City Highlands but have never actually seen.
I don’t have alot of experience growing (or keeping alive) cactus. So when Giana mentioned how easy they are to propogate I wanted to try. She did caution that since we aren’t through the cold season, we do not want to cause it stress.
So we left it alone. We do not want to threaten it’s survival.
Finding it was a wonderful gift. We want someone else to be surprised when they come across it in the future. Especially the future owner of the gorgeous property!

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Good day, good news!
I have received my list in the mail for the plants offered for sale at the Washoe County Nursery. Time to plan. Time to research.
This makes me a happy girl!
I have to admit, this isn’t a program for everyone.
You must have a minimum 1 acre property and have an evironmental purpose for planting.
From the Nursery site:
Qualifications for the purchase of plants
The program is not intended to provide landscaping materials for small home lots. The purpose of the program is to provide locally adapted, affordable trees and shrubs to conserve and enhance Nevada’s natural resources through conservation plantings such as:
Erosion control
Post-fire rehabilitation
Wildlife habitat
Water Conservation
Mine reclamation
Wetland and riparian restoration
Washoe State Tree Nursery

Washoe State Tree Nursery

My needs definitely run to erosion control, wildlife habitat (birds) and water conservation. I have bought honey locust saplings that are growing great. The biggest advantage for me is the nursery provides Caragana (most people call it Russian Olive). This is a pretty plant that grows strong with no attention, extremely little water and is extraordinarily soil tolerant. I will research other options for erosion control at the top of the swale [insert link] at the top of my swale, but my final decision will be made after talking to the folks at the nursery. I have had wonderful experiences learning from the staff and they never fail to help me make better decisions about my plantings!

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