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After having dinner with a neighbor, we came home around 11pm, turned in our driveway and stopped to open the gate. I swear I saw a furry footstool running up my driveway in the headlights! My husband and I sat there, jaws dropped, trying to comprehend what we were seeing. It was hilarious because once he was out of sight, we realized we’d had an itty bitty bear in our yard!

from Nevada Department of Wildlife

from Nevada Department of Wildlife

He was just looking for a snack since he’s learned terrorizing trash cans all over the Virginia City Highlands is a great way to eat. But from the scuttlebut we’d heard, we had no idea he would be small. Probably about 350 lbs. He was heavy enough to jack our gate when he climbed it but luckily we didn’t see any damage to fences.

I still think he looked more like a footstool than a bear.

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With more and more people losing their homes, do you wonder where they will go? An apartment maybe, or I’ve heard of people walking away from their mortgages because they can rent a nicer home for half the price they were paying to own….

So my next question is who is making money right now? The rental owners or the banks with mortgages? The banks are working hard to correct their balance sheets but the investors in rental property are where the money is, and will be for a while.

I’m wondering where this is all heading. I would like to sell my home to upgrade in acreage but I’m caught in the same trap as the majority of people these days. But the smart people are always the ones to take advantage of a crisis. I want to be one of those people and I want to know all of my options.

Buying houses now, that sometimes cost less than when they did brand spanking new 4 years ago, is where the economy seems to be going. Those who were financially strong through the boom, and continued to keep financial stability during the bust, are the ones who are snapping up properties now. Especially if you realize that people have to live somewhere, the affordable investment is more secure than the 401k or IRA of last year.

The rental investor can offer such competitive rates and of course there is demand. Any industry that people create wealth in has to have a demand and investors able to take advantage of the situation. Of course, the demand stems from home owners not able to keep their investment but still needing a home and DESIRING a nice home to live in.

The investors with the courage to snap up short sales and foreclosures for 50% (or less) of their value will continue to make a profit for years to come. With the affordable prices, they are gaining a real estate asset immediately. With demand, the business model is a sure bet. With desirability, they are proud of where their money is parked.

Affordable. Demand. Desirable. Today wealth isn’t created like the automobile industry at the turn of the century or even the computer industry in the 1990’s, it is real estate. Where will your investment be tomorrow?

Me? I’m thinking it is time to quit my relationship with Wall Street and channel my funds into making my home a rental property. I have been a landlord before and it is a huge responsibility. At least it is if you don’t want to be a slum-lord. But, my husband and I are looking at our options. If we can’t sell our home for what we owe maybe we should rent it. We have been approached by rental opportunities but we were wary. I think it is definitely time to come up with a game plan and pursue this path.

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My local source is Dry Creek Gardens in Reno, NV
My local source is Dry Creek Gardens in Reno, NV
Slope plantings according to height, placing the tallest against your fence and the lowest closest to your outdoor area. Choose plants by density of leaves to create a thicker barrier. I would recommend a mixture of evergreens with deciduous trees or shrubs mixed in to give seasonal change while keeping a year round barrier. Then choose lower growing plants to fill in the bottom and act as a border.
Give thought to colors of leaves and flowers when making selections. Don’t hesitate to consult with the experts at your local nursery, they are always happy to help. When you actually decide to place the plants, do not forget to give them room to grow!


This will not cure all sound problems, but it will help muffle and absorb most of it. A garden will add beauty to your landscape and peace to your space.
I intentionally do not give plant recommendations because every area is completely different. This is to give you an idea of using textures and colors together to create a pleasing garden that will help suppress sound.





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This is something I swear we will enjoy forever. Privacy fence structured to work with wind and not block your view! 

From inside the house, you still have a viewWe had this style fencing around our back deck in Alaska to maintain privacy around our spa. We used this to surround the entire deck, but changed the angle to avoid sight to and from neighbors and roads. The beauty of it equals the practicality when you want your investment to last.

Ours faces our neighbors so we have privacy to enjoy our views and our outdoor room. In the spring, there is a lilac that grows like a weed on the outside that provides more privacy in a natural way. From our living room, we still have a panoramic view of the valley!

wall-angle2Ours was built by framing the area needing the privacy screen with 2×4’s. Using fencing slats that are set at the desired angle, then cut spacers using 2×4’s. At the top and bottom of the frame nail in the spacer, set the slat, nail the spacer, and repeat until the frame is filled. This privacy wall is raised about a foot and a half off the ground so the winter snow can melt under it, without rotting the fence.
This technique isn’t new but I don’t believe it is as widely used as it should be. Here is a book with more detailed instructions

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 First Rule is the old cliche, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

While not completely accurate, I’ll give it credit as a good start. You have to set the boundary that you allow people to cross (even inadvertently)
The sturdier the fence the better. Many people do not care for chain link, but it is excellent for outdoor insulation. My fence is cattle panels that are galvanized wire panels attached to wooden posts. Not particularly attractive or ugly, just very boring. But sturdy so I don’t have to worry about neighborhood dogs plowing into my yard. I have enough dogs and don’t need anymore help! 
Useful for Keeping the Wildlife from Eating the Garden!

Useful for Keeping the Wildlife from Eating the Garden!

But I digress.
With a sturdy fence you have a multitude of options for making it more private because you can attach something to it. This is an economical and attractive solution. It is economical because you can buy what you need in sections to suit your needs. With the design and sturdiness of bamboo fencing, it will survive wind, rain and snow. 
You can read my earlier post on bamboo fencing to get an idea of its many uses.
Maybe you have a privacy fence already and you don’t need to worry about this. If so, you may want to read my post on gardening. This is where the sound barrier comes in.

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We put every ounce of energy and pride into our homes. We enjoy our gardens, have lovely outdoor spaces for us to relax or entertain, beautiful views to enjoy every season. Then. It. Happens.

A neighbor has invaded your space. It doesn’t mean they physically are in your space but they influence it in someway.
  • Radio is too loud
  • Their conversation is clear as bell (conversely, they probably hear everything you say too!)
  • Copycats: everything you do you notice is being done next door?
  • If you step foot outside, someone is watching you
Anyways, you get the idea. The point is, you don’t have to quit enjoying your space and you don’t have to lower yourself by acknowledging their inconsideration. Instead, focus your energy and pride into building outdoor insulation.
I compare my vision of outdoor insulation (patent pending) to the insulation you put in your walls. There are different techniques to insulation indoors or out but it is all about layers to make it work.
I’m going to break this out into different steps

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