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Just a few thoughts on playing outdoors this summer and saving money at the same time….

Waterfront Camping

Waterfront Camping



With the high price of fuel last summer, my husband and I looked for ways to save fuel and still be able to enjoy weekends, camping in our Toy Hauler. 


He found a storage lot, that for a nominal fee, we were able to leave our RV close to our favorite destination. It was also with in a ½ hour drive to other places we liked to camp so we could still branch out and avoid the dreaded gas expense.


We soon discovered that there were additional advantages as well. Loading up supplies and hooking up our lightweight fishing boat took no time at all. It seemed so much easier to take everything to our destination and load it there, instead of going through the process at home and then heading out. We could take only 1 vehicle, instead of the 2 needed to haul both the RV and the boat.


My huband, my dog and our buddy Brian

My huband, my dog and our buddy Brian


A toy hauler is fun because of it’s versatility. 95% of our trips are dry camping and with a toy hauler we have a generator and extra water storage to accommodate the lack of amenities. But, like saving fuel towing the trailer, we needed to stay cool without over using the generator. We had the best summer ever, staying close to a lake that allowed us to park our trailer right on the water. Problem solved! Pick a place providing shade or a nice breeze and save even more.


Now, everyone is still looking for ways to cut expenses, even though the price of fuel has dropped astronomically. However, we are going to continue staging our RV during the summer because the savings of time and money made our camping trips that much more enjoyable!

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