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Played golf for the very first time yesterday.  I’ve driven balls a few times at the Grand Sierra aqua range and it was great fun and good for just learning how to swing a club. But, it really isn’t the same as actually playing.

Grand Sierra Bay Aqua Range

Grand Sierra Bay Aqua Range

So my husband and I took the day off work and went out to play. I was as nervous as they come. I worried I would never get through a round because of my lack of experience. How many rules of ettiquette would I break? Am I going to have balls going off into other people’s fairways? Are my husband and I going to end up in divorce when I beat him with a club? (he is teaching me and well, that could happen, right?)

I really shouldn’t have worried.  The Eagle Valley Golf Course in Carson City NV has the best group of people working there I could have imagined.  Everyone was encouraging and relaxed. The others playing the course were just as easy going and pleasant. I need not have worried at all.

Eagle Valley has 2 course, the East and the West. We played the East. Par 5 but very mellow. I haven’t seen the West course but it is recommended for the intermediate to advanced player. Obviously, I’m not an experienced golfer, but I highly recommend playing there. Not only are they a great group of people with a fun course, but they are affordable too!

Our family lives outdoors. We love our home but prefer to spend as much time outside as we can. Golf is something my husband has always wanted me to try so nowI can check another experience off of my list. Of course, I can see this turning into a vice now. Northern Nevada is known as a golfers playground so there are many, many courses to explore. From the many beginner options to the adventurous Jack Nicklaus designed course at Montreux. But, right now, I will be a regular at Eagle Valley.

New Vice

New Vice

Next, it is the kids turn!


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