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The RGJ has an article with good info and pics here!

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Do you want a bargain in the Northern Nevada area? Now is the time. TODAY we have 933 bank owned properties in Northern Nevada. You can now buy a condo in Reno for $29,000 starting price. Let’s face it, Is a super good time to buy. Call us right away to reserve the best deals available.

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The V&T Railroad is loud and proud, bridging across Highway 395.


The V&T Railroad is loud and proud, bridging across Highway 395! I apologize for photo quality, my cell isn’t the best camera.



Virginia City is like many small towns across America. They have their politics and bickering. The one thing everyone in town can always agree on is that our historic town needs to stay that way. So instead of bending rules to allow glowing 7-11 signs and Starbucks mocha-choca-latta things, they have spent years aquiring funding and recreating the railroad that historically ran from Carson City to Virginia City.


Currently, a short run  travels between Gold Hill and Virginia City. Great for families to go for a ride, see the town with a guide and still have plenty of time to explore everything else on their own. But the completion of this project will make visiting our little town easier for everyone.


Future goals from the SteamTrain website…

“Long Trips


Two trips a day can be made with one set of equipment between Carson City and Virginia City. With a 10:00 AM departure, a train can arrive just before noon in Virginia City, return back to Carson City just before 2:00 PM. The second train of the day arrives at Virginia City just before 4:00 and arrives at Carson City at 5:35.



This schedule assumes short stops at Mound House and Gold Hill, to allow variations on short trips, and to accommodate bus tours and stopovers that also produce one-way business. Total ridership is a mix of market demand: short distance, long distance, and one-way trips.


With an eight-car excursion train, long distance train capacity is just over 300 persons per trip. This is 18,400 long-distance round-trip seats per month at capacity levels. The schedule cannot reasonably accommodate more than two trips per day per equipment set, and further capacity additions would require another entire train.


Dinner and Entertainment Trips


Located midway between the entertainment centers of Reno and Lake Tahoe, Carson City, and Virginia City are in an excellent position to attract patrons to “Dinner Trains”. Dinner on the V & T would be a fun trip and different themes could be incorporated into each trip. Dinner trains could cater to business events, anniversaries, conventions and can provide an off-season attraction that can justify keeping the railroad open year-round. It is also possible to have a moving “Casino Car” to expand the entertainment for the visitors.”



To all those who have donated time, materials, equipment, blood, sweat and tears….



Virginia & Truckee Railway Reconstruction Project











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A while back, I wrote about the dangers of winter ice and horses. And then last week I had a horse nearly cast herself in the fence. My heart has finally calmed down enough, that I can type this without my hands starting to shake at the memory.


I look down towards my barn and see a horse down on the fence line. The snow has been melting and it is extremely muddy in the corner of the corral where they hang out. All I can see is Sunshine on her side but I can’t tell how severe the damage is. I actually stay calm, round up the dogs and put them inside so they don’t spook her. I head out to investigate with a phone in my hand. I cannot remember a single phone number in case I need to call for help. Though I was moving, I was completely frozen inside.


As I approach the fence, I can’t see any damage to Sunshine. My biggest fear is that she has broken her leg and I will have to put her down. But somehow, by the grace of God, her hoof is stuck by the cannon bone on the bottom rung of the fence and I do not see blood. We still have another issue to deal with, she is starting to panic because she thinks she is being held. I talk calmly to her as I go sit on the fence. Her breathing slows, she manages to lift her hoof. In a blink she is back on all 4 and takes off at a trot to convince herself she is ok.

Now panic sets in since the crisis is over. I think I almost hyperventilated, sitting there on the fence. But she comes over and nudges my hand as it rests on my knee. I swear I heard her say, “Thanks Mom” as I looked in her gentle eyes.



As I’ve said, you can’t stop them from exercising. I can’t coop them up in a stall all day. But I can hope for the best and expect the worst.

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Jeni has a new listing in our neighborhood. I must admit, I want it! It is so fun as it is, but it also has so much potential. Even considering the economy, this property has a great price.


I have to admit, I understand there are many people in this world who could never understand why I would want to live in a Quonset hut. I see so much more. Located closer to pavement than where I currently live is always a major consideration. The mud and snow of our unpaved roads is always a challenge. One I gladly accept, but life is easier when you’re closer to pavement up here!


Amazing Views

Amazing Views

Usuable Acreage
Usuable Acreage

This property is on 40 usable acres. You might not understand why I insert the word usable. I have horses, so when you live in the mountains, you have limited options for acreage. I need a chunk of flat land if I want to work with my horses at home. Owning acreage on a 30% slope wouldn’t do me much good. Then, this home can run off the grid. By having a generator and solar panels, the owner doesn’t have to be completely dependent on the electric company, which appeals to me greatly.

If I were the owner, what would I do to increase this homes potential?

  • Install a vertical wind tower to supplement power.
  • Add a green house because this property has sun to produce a lot of veggies!
  • Build a barn. I’m sure the horses and in-laws would appreciate the consideration.

That would be just the beginning!!!!!

MLS# 90003668

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Just a few thoughts on playing outdoors this summer and saving money at the same time….

Waterfront Camping

Waterfront Camping



With the high price of fuel last summer, my husband and I looked for ways to save fuel and still be able to enjoy weekends, camping in our Toy Hauler. 


He found a storage lot, that for a nominal fee, we were able to leave our RV close to our favorite destination. It was also with in a ½ hour drive to other places we liked to camp so we could still branch out and avoid the dreaded gas expense.


We soon discovered that there were additional advantages as well. Loading up supplies and hooking up our lightweight fishing boat took no time at all. It seemed so much easier to take everything to our destination and load it there, instead of going through the process at home and then heading out. We could take only 1 vehicle, instead of the 2 needed to haul both the RV and the boat.


My huband, my dog and our buddy Brian

My huband, my dog and our buddy Brian


A toy hauler is fun because of it’s versatility. 95% of our trips are dry camping and with a toy hauler we have a generator and extra water storage to accommodate the lack of amenities. But, like saving fuel towing the trailer, we needed to stay cool without over using the generator. We had the best summer ever, staying close to a lake that allowed us to park our trailer right on the water. Problem solved! Pick a place providing shade or a nice breeze and save even more.


Now, everyone is still looking for ways to cut expenses, even though the price of fuel has dropped astronomically. However, we are going to continue staging our RV during the summer because the savings of time and money made our camping trips that much more enjoyable!

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ctp-logo1There are times to blaze your own trails in life. Then, there are times to consult a specialist. When looking to invest in recreational, hunting or fishing properties, Outdoor and Resort Properties, LLC will be the final source for all of your needs.


Cebelas, known for quality in equipment and outdoor advice brings that excellence to the very land their customers enjoy. This joining of Cabela’s retail brand with Outdoor & Resort’s real estate brand, is a partnership to pursue future land stewardship in Northern Nevada.


Jeni Temen, owner of Outdoor and Resort Properties, has been a reputation in Northern Nevada for blazing her own trails. An outdoor enthusiast with experience locating, listing and selling the most remote locations, she has brought her company into partnership with Cabela’s Trophy Properties to expand those horizons. Bringing her clients a worldwide network of resources, Outdoor and Resort Properties is the specialist buyers and sellers in Northern Nevada need.


Recreational property is a major investment. Buyers and Sellers need to work with a Realtor who knows the land, not just the statistics and information provided by public records. They need a Realtor who isn’t afraid to get dirty investigating and uncovering all the potential of a recreational property.


Outdoor and Resort Properties partnership with Cabela’s Trophy Properties  

also brings Northern Nevada a connection to land mapping services as well as aquatic and habitat services. Every resource for your recreational property is available through Outdoor and Resort Properties.


For the souls that need the range, waterfront or the wildlife, there is a specialist to fill that desire. Contact Outdoor & Resort Properties today and start living that dream.

Jeni and her partner Paws

Jeni and her partner Paws

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