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color_geo300I was looking up geocache locations to see if more had been added to our mountain neighborhood. A couple of years ago, there weren’t many. Now? I’m thrilled I can walk out the back door and go searching! The closest to my house is only 3/4 mile away. Closer if I cut across the BLM land adjoining my back garden!


If you are not familiar, GeoCache is a network of hidden treasure that you find using clues and a GPS. You can get a free account at GeoCache and start searching your area. Then you return to the site and tell others about your hunt. This activity is enjoyed by people all over the world.color_citonotext150


In my opinion, this is the ultimate combination of technology and nature. Our family goes geocaching when we go camping all the time. Most of the caches we find in the desert are in old ammo boxes and usually contain a camera, logbook and various types of treasure. Our kids love to fill out the logbook and trade out the ‘treasure’.


If you haven’t heard of GeoCaching, logon and see what you have around you. If you plan to travel, this is a great adventure to add to your trip!



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Renting a Machine is Easy

Renting a Machine is Easy


It’s Friday and with the snow Northern Nevada has had this week, it is time to sneak up to Lake Tahoe!

Living in the Virginia City Highlands has many benefits. The best one definitely has to be our close proximity to so many things to do. A drive to Lake Tahoe is only about 45 minutes. The road from our neighborhood leads straight to the Lake! Getting a family outing takes very little planning. Lake Tahoe provides excellent dining and shopping but the best part is the year round outdoor recreation available for everyone.

I hear it looks good for snowmobiling this weekend so I think that is where we’re headed. We do not own machines since we would not use them enough to justify the cost. Not to mention, we have enough to maintain already. All we have to do is get dressed and show up at a rental shop, and off we go. Personally, I’ve never been snowmobiling before so this should be quite the experience!

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