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Jeni has a new listing in our neighborhood. I must admit, I want it! It is so fun as it is, but it also has so much potential. Even considering the economy, this property has a great price.


I have to admit, I understand there are many people in this world who could never understand why I would want to live in a Quonset hut. I see so much more. Located closer to pavement than where I currently live is always a major consideration. The mud and snow of our unpaved roads is always a challenge. One I gladly accept, but life is easier when you’re closer to pavement up here!


Amazing Views

Amazing Views

Usuable Acreage
Usuable Acreage

This property is on 40 usable acres. You might not understand why I insert the word usable. I have horses, so when you live in the mountains, you have limited options for acreage. I need a chunk of flat land if I want to work with my horses at home. Owning acreage on a 30% slope wouldn’t do me much good. Then, this home can run off the grid. By having a generator and solar panels, the owner doesn’t have to be completely dependent on the electric company, which appeals to me greatly.

If I were the owner, what would I do to increase this homes potential?

  • Install a vertical wind tower to supplement power.
  • Add a green house because this property has sun to produce a lot of veggies!
  • Build a barn. I’m sure the horses and in-laws would appreciate the consideration.

That would be just the beginning!!!!!

MLS# 90003668

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Finding the perfect piece of property to build your dream on, isn’t the easiest task to do on your own. There are so many hidden vistas, out of the way neighborhoods and unknown roads to travel, that sometimes, you just have to ask for help.


Outdoor and Resort Properties are the people to turn to when you need help. There is no distance too far or terrain too rugged for our team. We will find the perfect vista that you can imagine your future home facing. You want mountain quiet and privacy but can’t find usable land to raise your horses on? It is out there, and we will know where it is.


The market has become advantageous to those who have dreamed of building their own home. Real Estate has settled down and the market is full of incredible values. Even if you aren’t ready to build today, that doesn’t mean you can’t invest for the future. Many dreamers are investing in land until their lives have reached that point for them to pursue their ultimate dream: turning their vision into reality by building their own home on the perfect piece of land.


Contact Outdoor and Resort Properties today and take the first step in taking control of your future. You will definitely be pleased with the results!


435 Acres of Land: Ready for YOUR Vision!

435 Acres of Land: Ready for YOUR Vision!

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As a pet owner/keeper, mud during the winter and spring is pure misery. As a parent, it means my mop spends a lot of time on fire cleaning the muck in the house. But as a gardener, oh how my heart smiles!Gardens

Our wet clay is a sticky, staining nightmare. My solution? Remove as much carpet from the house as possible to make the cleanup easier. I hate to quit living, simply to keep a clean house. And I always remember that the mud is one of the most life giving gifts we are given in the high mountain desert.


One of the extra perks I found in the mud is propagating more plants for my garden. I prune back the willow shrubs and walk around my property shoving them as deep in the mud as I can. I usually have a couple make it through the summer as a new free shrub. I heard concerns that willows aren’t the most water conservative plants, but I’ve discovered differently. A deep soak occasionally and you can forget about them. They are obviously deciduous so they add fire safe, leafy appeal. I can’t say enough good about such an easy plant.


Of course, gardens need variety. I try, and kill, many different species every year. I never give up until I’ve killed a plant at least 3 times, just in case I chose the wrong site or had a poor plant. My standard is a plant should be tough enough to handle little water, cold nights and blazing direct sun. The varieties at the chain stores very seldom survive. I spend 90% of my money at the local nursery. Most employees have a wealth of knowledge to share about the plants they carry, recommendations for tough areas and hardier plants in stock.


back gardenWhen we have a dry spring, the clay leeches all the water away from plants so it takes more water to keep the garden from suffering. It’s not that I mind watering, I just hate using a drop more water than necessary. Mud means that I can water less and I feel better about having the beauty through the season. I hope the mud lasts until May. I’m sure the nursery’s do too!

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Ski the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Ski the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Living close to ski resorts gives outdoor lovers the advantage of year round activities. Mount Rose Ski Resort is only 30 minutes away. Everyone I know, that skis, has a season pass to go play all winter long. No suffering winter blues for them!


I take my kids to lessons or go with a group of friends to have a day of family sledding. Unfortunately, I have yet to learn to ski. I did go up the mountain with some girlfriends once. A few rudimentary lessons and they thought I was ready. Geez. I still look back on that day and wonder what I did to make them hate me so much! I didn’t mind the lifts, and getting on and off was easy. I have good balance so staying up wasn’t a problem either. The problem came in when I wasn’t afraid to go fast; mixed with the inability to stop!


You would think friends would make sure you had that little skill covered, right? Nope. Instead, We would try to go down a section of a slope and they would tell me where to stop. Nuh-huh. I would head in that direction but (pardon the pun) it was all down hill from there. I would try to stop, like I was shown on a less-steep hill. But, when I didn’t slow down immediately, I would get closer to the ground. Do you really want to know what happens when you crouch down on skis? You go FASTER! Luckily, I grew up riding motorcycles, so I would hit the ground like I was laying down a bike. Feet/skis first, release poles, hope for the best. At least there isn’t any gravel involved.


After finally repeating this process about 5 times, I made it down the hill. I have never been so ready for a drink. Do you really want to know what those Demon women did next? They convinced me to go up again. Don’t know why but I did. Only 2 falls that time. Then they convince me to go a THIRD time. I think my brain had been dislodged by this time, because I did it again. No falling. I was done. I let them go play while I eased my very achy body.


At the lodge, people would give me wide berth and eyeball me as they walked by. I wanted to say “Yes, I’m the fool that almost took you out on the mountain.” but I refrained. A few actually asked me how I learned to ski like that. I looked like a racer and I guess I faked it well enough to look like I knew what I was doing. Apparently they didn’t see my crash landings!


My goal this winter is to get proper lessons. I’m sure my chiropractor will be disappointed but the innocents on the mountain will appreciate it.

Living in View of Skiing!

Living in View of Skiing!

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Our Land of Glorious Sunrises

It’s sad for me to think about what people living in urban areas miss out on every single day. The one thing I’ve taken for granted is the peace that comes with having a home with a view. You can spend a ton of money on art, and of course it will be lovely to look at, but it doesn’t compare to nature’s canvas.

In our neighborhood, the Virginia City Highlands, the wildlife and seasons provide a deep seated sense of relaxation every day. When the weather turns in the fall and spring, the herds of Mule Deer traversing my property are absolutely majestic. Stop your life for 5 minutes to see a brilliant sunset and the tension leaves you. It is a phenomena everyone should take time to experience every day.

I don’t have a view of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range like this house does. On a wintry day, when the clouds are hanging low on the range, I envy every single person who has that view.

Panoramic Views, Courtesy of the Virginia City Highlands 

I live in a mountain top canyon where I get to enjoy other wonderful views. I love the rare ice fog. It can make for hazardous travel but I can open my windows up and view the BLM land that has glitter hanging in the air. The red tailed hawk soaring above gives me a sense of freedom on a warm sultry day. The smell of Juniper cedar combined with sage is natures candle, while the juniper berries are like a celebration with confetti on the ground.

But the best view is one that everyone in the Virginia City Highlands shares; the night sky. We don’t have street lights and our houses are spaced out nicely, so on a clear night I can look straight up in awe and see the entire Milky Way. It is a gorgeous site that gets drowned out in the city lights, but I’m lucky enough to have it all to myself, all the time.

Sunrise in Virginia City, NV

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