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Snowshoe From Home!

Snowshoe From Home!

If you aren’t interested in skiing, snowshoeing is a wonderful way to get around. Especially the back country, where all is quiet and pristine. This is a relatively inexpensive sport but it is more physical than most people think.


When I take the kids sledding, near Mount Rose, my husband usually takes off shoeing. My husband is an extreme hiker. By that, I mean he goes places he shouldn’t and I can’t keep up! The last set of shoes I bought him for Christmas came with my version of a safety kit. That means I invested in GPS/walkie talkies so I can find him in an emergency.


Going off marked trails is dangerous. We hear news reports all winter about various situations that lead to SAR (Search And Rescue) operations. Even for experienced winter snow sport fanatics. That doesn’t worry him so I worry for both of us. I know he’s going to go, and I can’t stop him. But, if something happened, I have a way to find him.


He also goes off with a buddy who hikes mountains all over the world. They take off and come back with stories of the views and the animals they see and I realize there is an entire world here that most people never see. They never have to queue for a lift or worry about traffic on the slopes. It is probably one of the best kept secrets around. Not a lot of people, I know of, snow shoe and I’m not sure why. My husband went for the first time with a borrowed set of shoes from his buddy and I knew that he would enjoy this sport forever.


All a person needs to enjoy snowshoeing is access to go. Investing in the snowshoes wasn’t expensive. It can be, but I figured he could upgrade to something different or better when he knew what he wanted. The walkie talkies were a little bit more spendy, but not everyone has to go off the beaten path to have a good time! snow-shoe1


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