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As I leave my house this morning, I’m worried about my horses. Every morning when I go out to feed, they are running around playing. The past week has brought us steady, but light, snow. Now the sun is out and as they walk on that snow, it turns to a sheet of ice.

About a year ago, a friend down the road had her horse slide right into a tree. The horse hit his pole and died instantly. It was a sad day, because at almost 3 years old, he had the makings of becoming a great partner for her.¬†She burried him and wondered what we could do different to protect our buddies out on the ice. Unfortunately, we couldn’t think of a solution.

I keep my horses ‘barefoot’, so cleated shoes is out. Salt can get in there frog and cause burns. Topping the ice with grit isn’t practicle.

I guess I will continue to worry and hope the ice melts quickly. It is another part of life that we can’t control.

3 Year Old Sunshine, Relaxing in the Snow

3 Year Old Sunshine, Relaxing in the Snow


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