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Is your property fire safe?

Is your property fire safe?

I have to step up on my soap box and talk about fire safe landscaping, also known as fire-scaping. If you live in a fire prone area, please take a look at your property. Be critical of your defensible space and make sure it is planted with fire safe choices. There are many!





With the heart breaking disaster in Australia, killing hundreds and leaving thousands homeless, we really need to open our eyes to what we can do to help ourselves. This is a time to remember that this is simple way to keep you safe, but also the fire fighters who are going to try and defend your home should a fire come your way.


This is a subject that can be explored forever. But the basics from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension are….

  • 30 foot defensible space around all buildings(more if there is a slope a fire can climb)
  • Remove dead vegetation
  • Limb up trees and create separation between layers of vegetation (this helps prevent fuel fires)
  • Keep it green & low growing – “lean, clean, and green.”


Minimize use of evergreen shrubs and trees within 30 feet of a structure, because junipers, other conifers, and broadleaf evergreens contain oils, resins, and waxes that make these plants burn with great intensity.”


This is an understatement in my opinion. To see a Juniper explode like a bomb will have you removing, or at least severely pruning, the evergreens close to your home.


Please be fire wise when considering your next home or while enjoying where you are now!Firescaping



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