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Snowy Sunrise Driving into Virginia City, NV

Snowy Sunrise Driving into Virginia City, NV

It’s snowing today and I love it! Our forest needs the moisture and water supplies need to be replenished. A muddy spring leads to stronger gardens, and since it is winter, I need exercise.

I’m prepared. I have my trusty shovel and quad with plow. These are definite necessities, living rural up in the mountains. My husband found the best shovel, years ago for me. It is a plastic bucket with a metal edge. I can scrape, or break, ice with it. And, more importantly, I can lift and toss snow. It isn’t heavy therefore I haven’t dreaded snow removal for years.

Our property is long, so our driveway is too. There is no physical way we could shovel the entire distance, so some sort of plow is a must. I admit to envy of my neighbors with tractors. There are so many projects that a tractor can make easier. But, I put my 4 wheeler and plow to just as good of use. In 20 minutes, I can clear my drive, gate, barn and parking spots.

In the summer, I attach a harrow to the tow ball and can drag the horse manure. This makes better soil for trees and my horses, as well as an earth friendly manner of disposal. I also make use of my snow shovel in the summer months. It is great for loading up some of the awkward piles of manure to haul for composting.

So here I am, completing winter chores and day dreaming about summer chores. Seasons remind me life is a never ending cycle!

Plowing Snow at the Barn

Plowing Snow at the Barn


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