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Our Land of Glorious Sunrises

It’s sad for me to think about what people living in urban areas miss out on every single day. The one thing I’ve taken for granted is the peace that comes with having a home with a view. You can spend a ton of money on art, and of course it will be lovely to look at, but it doesn’t compare to nature’s canvas.

In our neighborhood, the Virginia City Highlands, the wildlife and seasons provide a deep seated sense of relaxation every day. When the weather turns in the fall and spring, the herds of Mule Deer traversing my property are absolutely majestic. Stop your life for 5 minutes to see a brilliant sunset and the tension leaves you. It is a phenomena everyone should take time to experience every day.

I don’t have a view of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range like this house does. On a wintry day, when the clouds are hanging low on the range, I envy every single person who has that view.

Panoramic Views, Courtesy of the Virginia City Highlands 

I live in a mountain top canyon where I get to enjoy other wonderful views. I love the rare ice fog. It can make for hazardous travel but I can open my windows up and view the BLM land that has glitter hanging in the air. The red tailed hawk soaring above gives me a sense of freedom on a warm sultry day. The smell of Juniper cedar combined with sage is natures candle, while the juniper berries are like a celebration with confetti on the ground.

But the best view is one that everyone in the Virginia City Highlands shares; the night sky. We don’t have street lights and our houses are spaced out nicely, so on a clear night I can look straight up in awe and see the entire Milky Way. It is a gorgeous site that gets drowned out in the city lights, but I’m lucky enough to have it all to myself, all the time.

Sunrise in Virginia City, NV


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